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Trump EPA Removes Obama-Era Anti-Coal Clean Power Program

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Wednesday announced a brand new rule to grant more flexibility for states in regulating coal-fired energy plants, changing the Obama-era law that was blocked by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Affordable Clean Energy rule under the US government replaces the Obama administration’s Clean Energy Program, which might have needed a last power policy shift for the complete energy grid from coal to natural gas.

The Trump EPA rule lays emissions guidelines for states to use when crafting their plans to restrict carbon emissions at coal-fired energy plants.

“I do expect some action; however, I further count on this to control in the courtroom. We pay very close heed to the previous courtroom precedent. We’re adapting the Clean Air Act,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler advised a newspaper during a press conference after an hour-long event at EPA headquarters in Washington that involved members of Congress, Trump regime officials, business and union managers, and coal miners in an audience of nearly 200.

Attorneys general in 27 states had solicited over the Obama Clean Energy Program, arguing that it exceeded the government Congress granted the EPA under the Clean Air Act by setting standards that would not be achieved by single coal-burning plants. The Supreme Court announced a stay on the rule in February 2016.

“There have been individuals in the Obama administration saying, ‘We don’t know whether that is going to be braced or not; however, we expect this is going to drive the trade to comply,’” Wheeler said.

President Donald Trump wanted to eradicate the Clean Energy Plan rule early on, White House chief of employees Mick Mulvaney informed the audience.

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