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The Netherlands and ABS Have Launched JIP for Wind-Assisted Propulsion Technologies

The classification society the Netherlands and ABS based research institute – MARIN have begun a Joint Industry Project (JIP) to analyze clear and validated strategies to assess the performance of wind-assisted shipping propulsion technologies.

The wind propulsion technology is a critical driver in owners/operators investment decision-making.

The JIP focuses on nearly all of all marketed wind-assisted ship propulsors, while additionally aims to overcome the challenge to the uptake of those technologies by:

– Improving methods for transparent performance prediction.

– Using the enhanced strategies to offer ship owners/operators with quick predictions for their fleet.

– Reviewing the regulatory environment to establish gaps and make recommendations and provide examples of determining compliance.

“Because the regulatory framework will increase stress to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly, the time is true to discover the potential of wind to generate savings on emissions, fuel, and cost. This challenge has significant potential to reduce barriers to the adoption of sustainable wind propulsion applied sciences and make a constructive contribution to attaining IMO 2030 and 2050 objectives,” stated Gurinder Singh, ABS Global Sustainability Director.

Wind-assisted propulsion technologies lower the fuel consumption of a merchant’s vessel by way of using sails or another system converting the kinetic energy of the wind into thrust.

Patrick Hooijmans, MARIN Senior Project Manager Ships, mentioned: “A major barrier to making use of wind energy onboard is the scarcity of clear and independently verified methods to foretell the efficiency of wind propulsors. A dependable model will help in adoption because the profitability   of an investment is in a subjective realm of wide-spread opinions.”

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