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The Endangered Animal Poacher Is Retaining The Pangolin In Darkness

The endangered animal was rescued from a poacher, who was retaining the little pangolin in cramped conditions and constant darkness. Zoological Society of London, a world conservation charity, assisted with the rescue and also believes that the puppy-sized Kosin was kept alive by the poacher since staying pangolins, often purchased on the black marketplace for their meat and scales, are worth more money than dead pangolins.

A ZSL staff helped to save the animal from his dark beginnings and launched the animal into the wild in Thailand. However, earlier than ZSL may put the pangolin again in his native environment, that they had to ensure Kosin was healthy sufficient to survive within the wild world.

After rescuing the creature, who only weighed two pounds when he was taken from the poacher, ZSL transported Kosin to a protected place and put him by a health check. Fortunately, little was unsuitable with Kosin. The pangolin stayed underneath statement for several days after which was deemed prepared for all times within the bright, lush outside world.

To help defend Kosin from different poachers, the pangolin was transported to a remote space removed from recognized poaching hotspots and launched again into the wild. It was a single second to look at Kosin being re-released into the wild after which retake his first steps to the wild, but sadly his story is rare. Our team was able to get to him in time, care for him, and return him to the wild. Because of the help of our donors and our incredible workforce, he has been given a valuable second chance, one thing many thousands of his species don’t get,” Dr. Eileen Larney, a ZSL conservationist, stated in a press release.

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