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Our Team

Allan Johnson

The Editor-in-Chief, Allan Johnson has been holding the wheel of Ankeny Daily for the last three years. Allan joined the group as a sub-editor later became the Editor-in-Chief. He possesses a vast experience in editing news articles, opinion pieces, educational books, marketing copies, etc. He has also edited several research papers.  Before joining the group, he was serving as a city editor at a renowned daily.

Allan is a vivid reader, writer, learner, team builder, analyst, and enthusiastic personality.  The group has grown exponentially under his valuable guidance and milestones. A major in alternative English, Allan completed his education from Columbia University.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 515-563-1289

Melissa Shaw
Sub Editor

Melissa holds the chair of a sub-editor at Ankeny Daily. She began her career as a columnist at a weekly publication, then served as a full-time writer at a renowned weekly. There Melissa co-taught the ethics and standards course required to all new employees. Till today she has worked with all the leading market players.

Melissa joined the group in the year 2016; the same year, we launched our website. Along with being a sub-editor, she also leads the sales team of the organization. Melissa is a masters in Mass Communication and Journalism from Harvard College.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 515-457-6437

Michael Adcock
Support (Environment) (Ecologist)

Michael is a famous Journalist and analyst. At Ankeny Daily, he leads the Environment column. A team of three journalists assists him to cover all the environment related stories. Michael goes through every news article before approving. Following on his belief that reads ‘you be the change,’ he has published several impeccable case studies on topics concerning the environment.

Email:[email protected]
Phone: +1 515-745-5307

Annie Bean
(Renewable Energy) (Masters in science- chemistry)

Annie leads the Renewable Energy Column with the team of two enthusiastic reporters. She started as a trainee reporter then got promoted as a column lead. Annie is an environmental activist and has participated in numerous drives. She has written on various subjects such as marketing, education, environment, science, technology, etc.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 515-396-9020

Paul Dowden
(Non-Renewable Energy) (BSC in Chemistry)

Paul leads the Non-Renewable column with the team embodying two journalists. Non-renewable Energy team, under his guidance, keeps a watch on government authorities and all the leading businesses. Thus, we never miss a single story from the industry.

In addition to a graduate degree in Chemistry, Paul is a market analyst, singer, stand-up comedian and a creative writer.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 515-396-7035

Judy Woods
(Sustainable Development) Mass Communication

Judy leads the Sustainable development column along with four trainee reporters. Judy was previously working at a daily as an environment columnist. Her research in how companies affect the environment and what can be done to minimize the adverse impact has put her into this column. She also advises several companies on their CSR initiatives.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 515-765-1568