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Mismanaged Waste Accounts for a Million Deaths Worldwide

Mismanaged waste is inflicting thousands of individuals to die every year within the developing world from preventable causes, and plastic waste is adding a harmful dimension to the issue, a report has discovered.

Municipal waste often goes uncollected and un-managed in underdeveloped nations and its piling fuels the spread of illness. Between 400,000 and 1 million people die because of such mismanaged waste.

Whereas mismanaged waste has been an issue for many years, the growth of plastic pollution, which doesn’t perish in the environment, is adding a new set of problems to an already dire condition. Plastic waste is obstructing waterways and inflicting flooding, which in turn spreads waterborne illnesses. When people burn the waste to discard, it releases dangerous toxins and causes air pollution.

Every second, a double-decker busload of plastic waste is burned or dumped in growing nations, the research discovered. When some plastics deteriorate, they leach dangerous chemical substances into the atmosphere and break down into micro plastics, with results that are still poorly understood and mostly undocumented in developing or underdeveloped nations.

Sir David Attenborough, whose Blue Planet II series received global attention to the problem of plastic waste, called for urgent steps from the businesses accountable for producing plastic that then turns into the trash, and for assistance to help countries struggling towards the wave of air pollution.

Among different harmful impacts of plastic pollution in underdeveloped nations is the loss of fishing, as marine animals ingest the plastic; harm to agriculture, as up to a third of cattle and half of the goats in developing nations have consumed ample quantities of plastic. Harming their wellbeing because it results in doubtlessly fatal bloating; vast amounts of plastic waste washing ashore and coral reefs hindering tourists, on whom many poorer countries depend.

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