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Mexico to Fight Pollution by Planting Artificial Trees

Trees are one of the best issues we have to wash the Earth’s air. However, they have certain disadvantages: they need time and area to grow.

Enter the BioUrban, an artificial tree that absorbs up as much air pollution as 368 real trees.

Designed by a Mexican start-up, the towering metallic structure makes use of microalgae to clean carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the atmosphere, returning pure oxygen to the environment.

Measuring 4.2 meters (nearly 14 ft.) tall and almost three meters extensive, the device looks one thing like a cross between a tree and a put up-modernist high-rise, with a metal trunk that emits rising bands of concentric metal.

“What this system does, via expertise, is inhale air pollution and use biology to carry out the natural process (of photosynthesis), similar to a tree,” says Jaime Ferrer, a founding partner in BiomiTech, the corporate behind the invention.

Mexicans have always known a thing or two about air pollution.

Mexico City, a draping urban area of more than 20 million peoples, repeatedly grinds to a halt beneath air pollution alerts, triggered by emissions from the capital’s more than five million vehicles, its polluting industries and even the close by Popocatepetl volcano.

Ferrer says the corporate’s objective is to assist such cities in achieving cleaner air in targeted areas—these used by pedestrians, cyclists or the aged, for example—when planting large numbers of trees is not an option.

Worldwide, an approximated seven million people die from exposure to air pollution every year, according to the World Health Organization.

“We decided our job was not simply to stand by and let individuals hold dying,” says Ferrer.

Launched in 2016, BiomiTech has so far “planted” three timber: one within the city of Puebla, in central Mexico, where it’s headquartered; one in Colombia; and one in Panama.

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