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Europe Has Sufficient Wind and Solar Sources to Meet Demands Entirely from Renewables

Europe has sufficient solar and wind resources to fulfill its electricity demand entirely from renewable sources. A brand new study by researchers on the Institute for Transformative Sustainability Research (IASS) in Potsdam reveals that many areas and municipalities may meet their electricity demand utilizing electricity programs based exclusively on renewables. However, their growth would heighten land-use pressure around metropolitan areas and larger metropolis.

The findings of the examine are presented on-line on an interactive map protecting Europe’s areas and cities. Users can merely magnify in to an area or village—from Landau in Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate area to Berlin, and from Menton on the French Riviera to the Italian capital of Rome—the map identifies the potential for electricity generation from renewables throughout Europe and divulges whether or not regions might meet their electricity demand from renewable sources.

“Our outcomes present how difficult it’s, particularly in the case of densely populated cities such as Berlin, to fulfill electricity demand from renewable energy sources,” explains lead author Tim Troendle—”however the technology is now sufficiently advanced that even this may be feasible if metropolitan areas have been to join forces with their surrounding areas.” Rural areas and urban areas with extensive rural hinterlands may meet their electricity demand solely from renewable sources: on the local stage, 75 % of municipalities can access enough solar and wind resources to meet their annual electricity demand.

If socio-technical constraints are utilized, the total potential electricity output on the continental degree is 15,000 TWh/a more than four times the present demand. Even when severe social constraints are utilized, decreasing the technical potential by over 90 %, Europe could still probably generate enough electricity from renewable sources to achieve electricity autarky on the continental level, and in each country.

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