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Europe Can Provide More Than 100 Times The Quantity of Energy Globally by Onshore Windfarms

Europe can provide more than 100 times the quantity of energy it currently produces by onshore windfarms, new analysis from the University of Sussex and Aarhus University has shown.

In an evaluation of all suitable sites for onshore wind farms, the brand new study reveals that Europe has the potential to produce enough energy for the whole world until 2050.

The study shows that if all of Europe’s capacity for onshore wind farms were realized, the installed nameplate capacity would 52.5 TW—similar to 1 MW for every 16 European residents.

Co-author Benjamin Sovacool, Professor of Energy Policy on the University of Sussex, stated: “The examine is not a blueprint for development however information for policymakers indicating the potential of how much more might be done and the place the prime opportunities exist.

A spatial study of Geographical Information System (GIS)-based on wind atlases enabled the research team to establish round 46% of Europe’s territory, which would be suitable for siting of onshore wind farms.

The advanced GIS data at sub-national levels offered a far more accurate perception and allowed the crew to think about a far better vary of exclusionary components including houses, roads, restricted areas due to military or political causes in addition to terrains not suitable for wind power generation.

The greater detail on this approach allowed the analysis crew to identify more significant than three times the onshore wind capacity in Europe than earlier studies.

The study estimates that more than 11 million additional wind turbines could be theoretically put in over nearly 5 million square kilometers of suitable terrain generating 497 EJ of energy which would adequately meet the expected global power demand in 2050 of 430 EJ.

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