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Construction of Solar Farm Boosts Renewable Energy and Employment in Armenia

Construction has started on the first micro-photovoltaic farm in Armenia’s Vayots Dzor region. Landed atop a hill overlooking the village of Gladzor, the projected solar energy plant occupies the spot of a deserted Soviet-era meteorological monitoring center.

Visiting dignitaries and construction staff clad in security gear braved the sizzling Armenian sun to accompany the plant’s groundbreaking celebration on Tuesday. Following opening statements and keynote speeches by high-rating Armenian officers and international diplomats, visitors symbolically loaded grime into the foundations of the photovoltaic panel stands.

Andrea Baggioli, the European Union Cooperation Official for connectivity, agriculture, atmosphere, and climate action, said that the brand new plant would create seven permanent high-skilled roles. The progressive initiative can also be anticipated to generate employment for a further 25 locals. Per the chief engineer, the Lithuanian-manufactured photovoltaic panels will produce one gigawatt (GW) of energy. The site has the capability to be expanded to provide a further 0.5GW.

The EU is the venture’s primary backer. Brussels has invested 1.5 million euros into the development of the photovoltaic farm as a vital component of a bold regional development mission. This experimental idea, presently being conducted in the Vayots Dzor province, serves the dual goal of supporting renewable power generation and sustainable native tourism-associated business within the area.

Benefiting from grants allotted to renewable energy producers, the photovoltaic plant will sell power into Armenia’s electrical grid. All earnings made by the plant will likely be reinvested into a unique fund supposed to finance sustainable native business ventures. Within the guidelines of the same venture, the EU has been offering help to promote a local eco-tourism infrastructure. Amongst those visiting the event were a team of prospective bed and breakfast executives undergoing an EU-funded coaching program.

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